Our Souls

It all began when we went on our first trip to Mexico.  Instantly, we were in love with the vibrant colours that pervade every village, town and city, with the people - their warmth and hardworking attitudes, the street food - unlike any 'Mexican' you will taste elsewhere.  Mexico stole our hearts.

Amongst all the wonderful things we discovered were the artisans - true, pure and traditional craftsmen and women making in the same ways their ancestors had for years and years before them.

When we returned to Australia, we knew we wanted to bring some of their craft and workmanship to these shores. Another trip to Mexico was required (not that we were complaining). And between long trips to the market, eating incredible local street food and dancing at the local cantina at 2pm on a Wednesday afternoon, we hand-picked our local makers and spent days with them working on the products and brand, right in their workshop. 

We have spent months finessing and developing our product and now we are home and able to bring you a product we love, cherish and feel passionate about. We produce shoes that are good quality - fairly priced and pretty damn different to anything else you'll find. 

We've worn our Pata Pata soles all over the world and we hope you can enjoy your own; wherever you find yourself.  


Our Soles - The Making Of... 


Our Pata Pata shoes are handmade locally with a smile in Guanajuato by a very small family owned business that has been handed through generations for over 60 years. From Abuelo (Grandad) to his son, Miguel, to his son, Miguel Junior.

Every part of the shoe making process is touched by hand. Made with love and passion from our Pata Pata team.  We share with you the process and bring you the Mexican experience through your soles. And in turn, help the souls of women in Mexico by donating a portion of each sale to Semillas - supporting women’s rights in Mexico. 

Please note that we have only limited colours and sizes available due to the craft that goes into making every single pair of boots.  If you have a specific request, please get in touch with us.  We like to make things happen. 


The Workshop