Your support of Pata Pata & Semillas changes lives of women in Mexico in vulnerable situations. 

Semillas & Pata Pata

Every pair of soles we sell supports a woman's soul in Mexico, THANK YOU. 

Pata Pata will contribute a percentage of each sale to Semillas - the only Women's fund in Mexico.

Semillas Mexican Women's Fund supports both individual leaders and women’s organisations that have limited access to resources. Offering academic and practical tools that support the full exercise of women’s human rights. 


Why Semillas

We personally both have a strong connection with Mexico and try get there most years.  Its culture, hard working people and the raw and simple life are just a few of the reaons we feel a bond with this land.

Over time, we have become more and more exposed to the lack of support for women and their rights in Mexico. Being women ourselves we felt it was important to help make a change; to support them and create a purpose for these beautiful women in such an incredible country and give them the same chances we are so fortunate to have.

There is a strong movement happening in Mexico. To treat women as equals and give them the same opportunities as men, to protect them from violence and to make them feel safe in their own country. To educate and enable them to aspire and live their dreams whether they are social or career based - to do this without fear and to feel peace and happiness.

They are the only women’s fund in Mexico, which is why we are so proud contribute a percentage of each sale to this fund.

We will be updating you with specific projects as we become more involved with Semillas over time.