Brisbane Street art

On Wednesday 10th Feb 2016 Pata Pata were thrilled to be apart of a wonderful fashion show this was brought to life by Interlaced Media, Kerbside and the Brisbane Street Art Festival, The Fashion shows theme was"Street Wear meets Street Art" and even had live paintings by talented can artists thru the fashion show. Was so tefreshing to see so much creativity, this night was a collaboration of supporting fashion, music and graffiti in Brisbane.

The Place was electric with designers ,models and a huge crowd who came together to raise money for The Brisbane Youth Services.

Pata was in full flight down the runway and the models looked amazing in their designer outfits which complimented our boots!

We loved being apart of this fashion show and can't wait to be apart of more bringing with us our colourful boots and continuning our mission to introduced more and more feet to our boots and converting them into well travelled soles....  :)

Big thank you to Nat form Interlaced Media for the invitation to take part xx



A walk in a Mexican woman's shoes

Walking through the narrow, colourful streets of Guanajuato. Hot. Hungry. Thirsty. 

A hole in the wall. Smoke from the grill wafting out. A smell of fresh tacos. We're in. 

We walk into what is a really small kitchen/ dining area in one, three ladies stand around the hot stove. Rolling the tacos by hand. Stirring the boiling lentil soup. Making anything and everything they can for us; the 'English girls'.  Laughing at our broken Spanish in a jovial light hearted manner. Smiling. Sweating. 

We eat and eat and eat. And sit and chat in our broken Spanish, and them back in their broken English. They seem happy, even though their circumstances aren't ideal. They want to provide for people. And bring them joy.  That's all that matters to them. 

We were fortunate enough to spend an afternoon there in the end. Time passed by listening to them, giggling and both attempting each others languages. We ate and spoke about their lives in Mexico. Very minimal.  Walk downstairs from their own personal small house and kitchen, into a public one. To provide. For the people of Mexico. And most importantly, for their own families. Minimal income. Minimal cooking utensils. The conditions aren't ideal. If only they had an air conditioner I selfishly thought. But these women, no matter their hardships and daily struggles still had a smile on their face. And a big one at that. 

Over at least six tacos each, we talked about life in Mexico as a woman. Their experience growing up. How they have always and still to this day are expected to carry out 'womanly duties' as though they are living in 50s in 2014. Discrimination. Inequality. Injustice. We want to help women just like the ones we met in that hole in the wall taqueria. There are some that are well worse off, and still smiling too.  Others don't smile anymore. They don't know how to. 

Mexico is well equipped to provide women, men, everyone in their right a better life. One of equality. There is an evolving movement currently happening towards women's rights in Mexico. When Zia and I were looking at how we could contribute to improving the awareness and also lives of less fortunate women in Mexico, we started with Google.  These were the results. You can see the problem is all over the internet. But no real solution. There are organisations in Mexico trying to make a difference. But their voice isn't loud enough. They don't have the resources to make an impact.  

After much research and a visit to DF, we found Semillas - the only Mexican women's fund focussed on improving women's rights in Mexico.  We are proud to be a partner of Semillas. And look forward to contributing a portion of each sale to help heal a women's soul in Mexico. 

We are fortunate enough to live in a country we have access and the RIGHT to access. Get the word out there, and let's as fellow women help women in Mexico feel the same freedom we do each morning when they open their eyes, and each night they lay down to sleep. 

Limited Edition Pata Pata

We are really excited and proud (and did we say, excited?) to bring you the improved and limited edition collection from Pata Pata. Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far. We look forward to having our soles continue to take us on this journey.   

Today we released the following PR piece to the masses:

Local Melbourne shoe brand Pata Pata has released a new range limited edition coloured handmade shoes from Mexico, along with a children’s line. These handcrafted leather boots are made by a local Mexican artisanal family with love, passion and dedication.

These two Mexican embracers, Teresa and Zia wanted to bring the Mexican experience of culture, love, rawness and liveliness here to their home in Australia in the purest form.  

“To truly have a product that is touched by hand every step of the production process is rare these days,” says Teresa. “That’s why we have brought Pata Pata soles here from across the world. Initial market trial proved that consumers loved our style, so now, they are here in full range and we are excited to share our love for Mexico and our experience with fellow fashion loving, culturally appreciative Australians.”

For every pair of Pata Pata soles purchased, a portion of each sale will be contributed to Semillas - the only women’s fund in Mexico, focussed on supporting the women’s rights movement that is currently taking place. This is something both girls feel passionate about - contributing to enable women in Mexico equal rights, the same opportunities and lifestyle that both Teresa and Zia have been able to lead.

“Knowing that we can make even the smallest amount of difference to women’s lives in Mexico makes this all worth it. Semillas is a great cause, and they are truly passionate about what they do. We will be working closely on specific projects with them in the future - educating women in Mexico, providing support networks and enabling women to aspire to live their dreams,” says Zia.

Check out the limited edition colours available. You’ll love them and the work these two are doing.

Pata Pata

Well travelled soles


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