A guide to our shoes

Size guide can be found below. Please be aware this is only a guide.

It is also recommended you measure your feet using our instructions below to be sure. 


Sizing info

Please use these size chart to help determine your strap size.

Sole and strap equivalence chart:

Euro Sole Size / Suggested Strap Size*

35-36  S

37-38 M

39-40 L

41-42 XL

If you need to confirm your foot size, please download this foot sizing chart

Note: The suggested strap size equivalence is based on standard feet sizes. If you have wider/narrowed feet, please accommodate for the difference and order a size bigger/smaller.

How to measure your foot

Step 1:  Sit on a chair and place your bare foot flat on a piece of plain white paper.

Step 2:  Carefully trace the outline of your foot onto the paper.

Step 3:  Do the same with your other foot.

Step 4:  Measure the tracing from toe edge to heel edge to get the inside shoe length in cm. 

Step 5: Compare the cm you've measured to the above chart. 

And if it looks like we don't stock your size at the moment, get in touch with us - we can process custom orders for you.